Construction of Nushabad Bridges (EPC)

Project title : Construction of Nushabad Bridges (EPC)

Client:  Islamic Republic of Iran Railway

Consultant: Sazian Consulatants

Contractor: Nasran- Tadbir Sahel Pars- Sinab Gharb Cooperation

Location : Isfahan

Start Date : Oct 2016

Finish Date : July 2018

Project subject: Engineering, designing and construction (EPC) of 2 bridges of Nushabad Abad at the intersections of the railway with the central road to Aran and Bidgol (Km 265+800 , 276), including piling, construction of beams, railing and ballast, construction and installation of prefabricated slabs, insulation and its protecting math, establishment of the existing hot railway line, and then excavation and execution of ramp, and walls to make cars drive below the railway line.
The most important achievements of the project were executing a bridge on a hot-railway road in less than 4 hours rail block, which according to the efforts were made, Nasran was succeeded.

Row NoNameUnitQuantity
1Total block of the hot linehours - for each bridgeLess than 4 hours