Introduction of Nasran Co.

Nasran Co. (Private Joint Stock) was founded in 1987 due to the following principles, policy and beliefs:

  • We believe that more than anything else we are responsible to our business partners and our main goal is to fulfill the needs of our clients and consultants with our commitments to their satisfaction.
  • Our business partners are clients, consultants, employees, contractors, shareholders and eventually the community we are.
  • Although we are in a stiff competition for management and acquisition of suitable projects, our first priorities are quality and how to achieve the objectives.
  • Development cooperation due to the highest quality of execution, reduce accidents, comply with time limits, energy and environment management and cost reduction by reducing overhead’s costs, are improving the company performance.
  • We build our organization internally and we provide the progress and modernization of our experts.
  • We have a clear vision about our destinations and routes and we have focused all the resources and efforts on achieving our goals.
  • we believe that sustainable successes are obtained as a result of our individual efforts in keeping alive the values and objectives relevant in the daily work and decision-making.
  • The Board of Directors, senior executives and employees, all committed based on honesty, which is our key feature of current activities and future successes.
  • Given the pivotal role of staff and human resources as the most valuable asset of the company and trying to learn and improve their working conditions is one of our most important goals.
  • Never do we engage in unhealthy or illegal activities and unethical competition.

To act in accordance with the Articles of Association in the following key areas:

1- Building projects and property development.
2- Industrial projects including manufacturing factories inclusively.
3- Water and effluent treatment, pump stations, and water and sewer systems.
4- Power distribution and generation projects including power plants, transmission lines, power stations and related works.
5- Construction of underground and aboveground municipal subways and related stations.
6- Airport projects and related buildings.
7- Rehabilitation of historical sites and heritage places.
8- Road, railways and railway station projects.
9- Dam construction, Irrigation, and drainage projects.
10- All activities related to mining, Oil, gas, and petrochemical projects in shore and off- shore.
11- Marine projects including jetties.
12- All types of tunnels.
13- Rehabilitation and renovation of aged urban, rural, and industrial constructions.
14- Restoration projects, restoration, rehabilitation and reinforcement of civil structures.


And to create a dynamic and suitable environment to gather the best group of experts and experienced professionals to participate and execution of the projects. Directors, officers and employees of Nasran Co. have determined to create an efficient and innovative environment to approach its mission

“Providing the highest quality services and ensure sufficient commitment to carrying out the duties in due course.”

In this regard, organizations, creation of diver teams and applying the combination of knowledge and experience, has been the secret of successes of Nasran Co. in delivery of different projects.