Construction of Noosh Abad and Ab Shirin Bridges (EPC)

Project title : Construction of Nushabad Bridges (EPC)

Client:  Islamic Republic of Iran Railway

Consultant: Sazian Consulatants

Contractor: Nasran- Tadbir Sahel Pars- Sinab Gharb Cooperation

Location : Isfahan

Start Date : Oct 2016

Finish Date : July 2018

Project Subject: Engineering, design and construction of 2 bridges in Nooshabad city at the intersection  non-level railway with the road from the central part to Aran and Bidgol (km 265 + 800 and 276 km) including pile excavation, execution of bridge piles, removal of rails and ballast and existing soil (cutting of the railway) and installation of prefabricated slabs and insulation and padding below the ballast  to reduce vibrations to the bridge, establish a railway track with less than 4 hours block, excavate and run ramps and related walls to cross the line.                                                    Project Subject: Engineering design, construction of the underpass of Abshirin village, which is one of the main crossing between the village and agricultural lands, including modification of the existing underpass and related walls and addition of the second opening structure, with 3 hour block.

Row NoNameUnitQuantity
1Total block of the hot linehoursLess than 4 hours