Strengthening & seismic retrofitting of Diziche truss bridges (EPC)

Project title : Strengthening and seismic retrofitting of Hassan Abad truss bridges – Diziche (EPC)

Client:  Islamic Republic of Iran Railway

Consultant: Sazian Consultants

Contractor: Nasran- Tadbir Sahel Pars- Sinab Gharb Cooperation

Location : Isfahan

Start Date : June 2015

Finish Date : July 2017

Project subject: Design, supply and retrofitting for seismic strengthening of two bridges, each with a length of 120 meters, four-spans girder and a 40 meters span truss. For this purpose, replacement, repair, strengthening of the old bridge’s parts, implementation of concrete slab truck and additional steel structure has been implemented.

Row NoNameUnitQuantity
1Number of bridgesnumber2
2Deck aream21,440
5Heavy steel works (including construction, installation, blasting and painting)Ton300